Apr, 2014

A new way for OSX desktop to communicate with iPhone or iPad app.

* Need to download IOS client app with the same name to optimize the app usage.

* Whenever you copy text or image from any application on OSX Desktop, the text or image will be send and copy automatically to "copybin" IOS client app if its run.

* The text can be used for "Whatsapp" app for example.

* Drag and drop any file to "copybin" desktop osx app, and the file will be automatically transferred to IOS "copybin" app if it run.

* The file transferred can be viewed for example text or movie file. From copybin client app, the file can be transferred to other app in IOS if supported.

* Transfered file from IOS to OSX desktop will be saved in user download folder

Supported OSX : Lion (10.7) and above. OSX 10.6.8 support will updated soon

Supported IOS: IOS 6 and above



  • FindMyFile
  • Battery Logger
  • iGymTrack